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Founder & Creative Director

Loukia and her team have been planning events for the past decade. Her clients put their trust in her creativity, her professionalism and her attention, knowing that each event will be beyond their expectations. She works with trusted local and international partners, among the best in their respective fields. She holds a Bachelor degree from the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne and works in French and English. When she’s not planning a new event, she loves to bake, read novels and enjoy the sun at the seaside.
As much as she loves designing and planning events, she also puts a point on respecting the planet the best she can. She enjoys cooking dinner at home with local, seasonal and organic produces, uses as less as possible non reusable material and by gives a second life to everything she doesn’t need anymore.


In a quest to give more love to our planet and respect it, we put a lot of energy in making each event as sustainable as possible. Here are some of the action we take:

– Our team uses reusable swiss made glass water bottles during the event instead of plastic bottles
– Our team lunches are made by a bakery that uses only local produces, all the snacks are organic
– As much as possible, the flowers are offered to the guests at the end of the event, in order to give them a second life

– We are always looking for alternatives in order to use eco-friendly materials
– The straws for the cocktails are biodegradable, made out of sugar or apple
– We work, whenever possible, with caterers that use local and organic produces
– We have also created partnerships with vegan caterers
– We favour craftsmanship and handmade work for the event decor
– We are eager to do more if it’s our clients’ wishes