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Hosting a flawless outdoor wedding ceremony is possible no matter the season! It all comes down to anticipating your guests’ needs and adding thoughtful touches that enhance their experience. As a wedding planner, I help couples do this in unique ways that suit the season and theme of their wedding. And with our breathtaking views across Switzerland, it’s no surprise that outdoor ceremonies are popular. Today I’m here to share five of my top tips with you!

Events by Loukia - Geneva Wedding Planner

Consider Length

Hosting an outdoor wedding ceremony sometimes necessitates speeding things along or cutting unnecessary elements for the sake of your guests. Heat, sunlight, and bugs are a concern in summer, while your guests may get cold sitting and watching you exchange vows in winter. Try to ensure your ceremony isn’t longer than 45 minutes by timing each portion ahead of time! You will also want to consider having your cocktail hour indoors, especially in the summer or winter. This way, guests can cool off indoors or warm up if you have a winter wedding.

Shield the Sunlight

Try choosing an outdoor wedding venue with natural shade where your guests won’t roast in the direct sunlight. If this isn’t possible, find a unique way to shield your loved ones from the sun! Offer umbrellas, hats, or fans at the entrance to your ceremony site—you can even choose colors and patterns that fit your wedding aesthetic! In addition, you can provide sunglasses if you have an appropriate amount left in your budget. I also suggest avoiding direct sunlight for your pictures. You don’t want to be squinting in all of your ceremony pictures! So try to find a space that allows some shade so you and your guests can enjoy this important time.


How to plan an outdoor wedding ceremony

Provide Extra Warmth

Sitting still in the cold isn’t comfortable for anyone! Providing blankets for your guests is essential if your outdoor wedding ceremony is in spring, autumn, or winter. You can also rent heaters to place around the area, although you may not want them too close to the seating for pictures. 

Hydrate Your Guests

Hydrating your guests is necessary no matter when you’re hosting your wedding. However, you can take a different approach depending on the season! A simple aromatized water station is perfect for summer, while a cocoa or hot tea station looks cute and cozy at a winter wedding. You can also great your guests with a glass of champagne or even have some ready after the ceremony as guests head into cocktail hour. At Events by Loukia, we strive for sustainability, so we always prefer a drinks station with glassware to one with plastic bottles!

Outdoor wedding ceremony ideas

Mic Up

We’ve all been to an outdoor wedding ceremony where it was impossible to hear the couple exchanging their vows. Check that you have the correct sound system and that your officiant is wearing a mic. Many of your guests have traveled a long way to hear your words to your future spouse, so make it a priority to ensure they’re audible! You will also need to consider any electricity requirements. As wedding planners, we always ensure that the sound systems have battery backups or do not require an electricity source. This way there are no unsightly cords, or technical issues!

Events by Loukia - Geneva Wedding Planner

A little bit of thoughtfulness goes a long way when you’re planning an outdoor wedding ceremony. Keeping your guests happy and hydrated will ensure the good vibes last from your ceremony to your sendoff. Are you searching for a beautiful outdoor location to host your special day? Check out our guide to choosing the best outdoor wedding venue!


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