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If you’re planning your wedding, you may have already butted heads with over-involved family members who want a say in every decision. While family involvement in wedding planning isn’t uncommon, it can be a recipe for disaster. From relational conflict to guest list tensions, the pitfalls of family wedding planning demonstrate why a professional wedding planner is a far superior ally.

As a neutral party with experience planning weddings, we’ll help you maintain a healthy balance between including your family members and making your own decisions. We’ll ensure a smooth, stress-free experience throughout your planning journey and on your special day! Stick with us as we outline why planning your wedding with your family isn’t the sanity-saving solution that it seems.

Why You Should Avoid Family Wedding Planning


This reason may be the most significant not to plan your wedding with your family. You’ll need to make countless decisions throughout the wedding planning process, and emotions can run high. When opinions differ – whether over aesthetics, the guest list, or the overall vision for the day – it’s the perfect recipe for conflict. Fractured relationships with your family members are the last thing you want going into such a significant day! 

Aesthetic Differences

Aesthetic clashes are common in family wedding planning, especially between brides and their mothers/future mothers-in-law. It’s easy for those in the previous generation to become caught up in their vision for the day (often a rehash of their wedding day!)  while completely disregarding the couple’s unique style and preferences. But with the assistance of a wedding planner, you can address and resolve these differences before they blow up into conflict.

Why you should avoid family wedding planning

Guest List Tensions

Conflicts related to the guest list are a dime a dozen between brides and grooms-to-be and their parents. Opinions usually differ on the number of guests and who deserves an invitation. Sooner or later, you’ll have invited your cousins twice removed, a great aunt you met once, and your parents’ coworkers – even if you initially envisioned an intimate celebration! In these instances, a professional wedding planner can mediate and help find a solution that satisfies both parties.

Lack of Expertise

While your family members may have planned their weddings, this experience isn’t comparable to the specialised education, vast array of knowledge, and network of industry connections that a professional wedding planner brings to the table. And that’s not to mention how busy life is for most of us, forcing wedding planning to take a backseat to work, childcare, and social commitments!

As your planner, we’re wholly devoted to the success of your wedding day. We’ll mediate conflict between you and your family members, facilitate effective communication with your vendors, and ultimately turn your vision into reality.

Emotional Toll

Getting married is stressful enough without heaping family conflict on top of it. And when that conflict lasts throughout the planning phase – potentially spilling over into the day itself – it can take a significant emotional toll. Conversely, working with a wedding planner alleviates stress, allowing you to enjoy the planning process and focus on celebrating when the big day arrives. In short, there’s no contest between family wedding planning and the benefits of investing in a professional!

For a smooth and stress-free wedding planning experience tailored to your needs, Weddings by Loukia is the answer. It would be our honour to come alongside you to plan this special day! Whether or not you wish to involve your family in the process, we’ll respect your wishes and ensure a conflict-free journey to the altar. Reach out to us to get started!


Céline Chan