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Booking a wedding planner is one of the first steps you’ll take when planning your big day. And since you’ll work with them throughout the process, usually six to 12 months, it’s not a decision to make lightly! Relying on your instincts is crucial. Moreover, you want to find someone you trust to understand and flawlessly execute your vision. The good news is that it isn’t a matter of mere guesswork. Here are the main factors to consider when you choose your wedding planner.

How to Choose Your Wedding Planner

Your Wedding Vision

Before seeking a wedding planner, define your vision, priorities, and needs. For example, will your wedding be large-scale or intimate? Is it more important to you to get married at your top-choice venue or in a specific season? You should also discuss your wedding budget with your partner and anyone else who will contribute. Determining these factors before beginning your search will ensure compatibility with potential planners. 

Research and Recommendations

The best way to begin your search for a wedding planner is by asking friends and family who have already planned a wedding for their recommendations. A referral from a trusted source offers valuable insights into a planner’s competence and reliability! It’s worth doing an online search as well, and Style Me Pretty can be a great resource. (You can see our profile here!) You can also browse reviews from a planner’s past clients on their website, Google, and Facebook. Doing this will help you gauge their expertise and success in catering to diverse wedding styles. 

How to choose your wedding planner

Style Alignment

While a talented planner can execute a variety of wedding styles, most have an artistic preference reflected by their work. For example, some planners love to design bold, brightly coloured weddings, while others prefer a demure, elegant approach. Accordingly, it’s best to ensure a potential planner’s style aligns with yours before booking them. Ask for samples of their previous work to see if they align with your vision for your big day. If they do, you can have confidence in that planner to bring your dream wedding to life!


Choosing a wedding planner who will provide the desired level of service and whose pricing aligns with your budget is crucial. Before booking a potential planner, initiate a transparent discussion about fees, payment structures, and any additional costs that could crop up along the way. Doing this will help you avoid unwelcome “surprises” and enjoy a smooth planning process within your financial comfort zone.

Communication and Chemistry

The collaboration between a wedding planner and their client lasts one year on average. Accordingly, you should choose someone who makes you feel comfortable and who you genuinely enjoy interacting with. A positive working relationship and effective communication will lay the groundwork for a successful wedding day! To assess whether or not a potential planner is a good fit, pay attention to their responsiveness, openness to ideas, and overall compatibility with your personality during a discovery call.

Events by Loukia - Geneva, Switzerland Wedding Planner

It can be a challenge to choose your wedding planner. However, your best fit should become apparent after considering these five factors. If you and your partner are Geneva-based or planning a Switzerland destination wedding, we would love to hear your vision for your dream day. Let’s connect to discover if we’re compatible!




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