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As you begin planning your wedding, you’ll want to devise a celebration that will still feel like ‘you’ 40 years from now. For many, that means steering clear of trends and embracing classic elements. However, if you feel an affinity for current styles, there’s no reason to avoid them entirely! As your wedding planner, we’re here to help you balance effortlessly between the two. This post will cover how to plan a timeless wedding and incorporate the latest trends so you can celebrate in a way that reflects your love story.

Embracing Classic Wedding Elements

It’s no secret that wedding industry trends come and go constantly. However, these classic details have remained timeless. 

Neutral Colour Palettes

Opting for neutral colours is always an elegant choice. Think clean whites, subtle creams, lush greenery, and touches of blush. Incorporating these neutral tones into your essential styling elements, such as tables, chairs, and linens, creates a timeless backdrop for other details to pop. Consider adding a metallic touch, like silver or gold, to your flatware and candles.

Classic Calligraphy 

Nothing beats the charm of handwritten calligraphy for personalized paper goods that stand the test of time. Whether it’s your invitations, place cards, or welcome signs, the handcrafted touch of calligraphy adds an elevated detail.

How to plan a timeless wedding


Whether you wear an all-lace gown or add lace to your veil, this dainty and feminine material is a timeless accent that never goes out of style.

Black Tie Dress Code

Your guests’ attire sets the tone for the entire ambience of your celebration, making their choice of dress crucial. Consider opting for a formal event with a black tie dress code; men wear suits, and ladies wear floor-length gowns. 

Sit-Down Dinner Service

Nothing is more luxurious than a sit-down, four-course meal! Plan a timeless wedding by opting for formal table service instead of a family- or buffet-style dinner. 


Your ceremony may be considered the most classic element of your day! This event is the heart of your wedding celebration when you and your partner express your love and commitment to each other. For music, a live string quartet is a classic choice. You might also opt to have a few loved ones make a speech or read from a favourite book or poem, whether your ceremony is secular or spiritual. With a few intentional choices, you can curate your desired atmosphere.

A White Cake with a Cake Topper

White cakes are undeniably classic; there’s a reason they’ve been in vogue since your grandparents said “I do”! You can opt for a simple iced cake or a vintage-inspired design with lots of texture. In addition, consider adding fresh blooms for a pop of colour.

Thoughtfully Designed Centrepieces

Choose your centrepieces based on your entire reception design, not just what looks good on Pinterest. Low floral arrangements surrounded by candles are a classic choice for round tables. You can create additional visual interest by placing a tall centrepiece on a few tables throughout the room! 

Greenery and floral runners are the optimal choice for long tables so your guests can converse with each other easily. 

 And, of course, don’t forget to add a few candles!  Jennifer Zabinski of JZ Events tells Vogue, “Whether it’s dinner for two or a wedding for 300 guests, candlelight creates an intimate atmosphere, which is the key to any special occasion. There’s nothing more classically romantic than a candlelit room.” 

Events by Loukia - Geneva Wedding Planner

True-to-Life Colour Photography

Find a photographer with a classic editing style that focuses on natural colour tones. These images will stand the test of time, while those with a trendy filter will quickly look dated.

In addition, black and white photography is classic, timeless, and elegant. It creates a sophisticated look that will always be in style.

Tailoring Trends to Personal Tastes

If you resonate strongly with one (or many!) of today’s current trends, don’t hesitate to incorporate them into your day. As long as you anchor your celebration with the classic elements listed above, you won’t have to worry about your event looking dated in a few years. You know yourself and your unique style best, so listen to your intuition! 

Examples from Real Weddings 

Over the years, we’ve worked with several couples who have successfully tailored current trends to match their style preferences. One couple, Annelise and Georges, opted for hundreds of delicate bud vases filled with roses to foster an enchanting atmosphere and create visual volume on each table. This look delicately complemented the overall décor without overwhelming it. 

Another couple, Béatrice and Georges, added a personal touch to their wedding seating plan by creating a heart-warming display featuring photos of them alongside each guest. Underneath each photo was an individual table number, making a memorable and interactive way for guests to find their seats.  

The best part about these trends was that they embraced, rather than overshadowing, the couple’s unique style. After all, no one wants a cookie-cutter wedding! These details made these couples’ days stand out beautifully, not because they were “on-trend” but because they reflected their love story. 

Seeking Professional Guidance

As always, to plan a timeless wedding that seamlessly incorporates current trends, we recommend consulting a professional who can help bring your vision to life. Many couples, even those with an eye for design, have never planned an event on the scale of a wedding and can always use tips from someone experienced in this area. A professional will help you balance timeless and trendy elements while staying true to your preferences. 

As you begin planning your wedding in Switzerland, consider which classic wedding elements and which trends resonate with you. Then, give us a glimpse into your vision. Our team can help you create a day that reflects you, from the essential design elements to the tiniest details. We can’t wait to meet you, hear your story, and get started on this journey together!


Photography: Mailys Fortune

Floral Design: Atelier Rose Jasmin