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When planning your wedding, the biggest piece is your budget. This will be one of the earliest decisions you make! Even if you have a larger budget, you may want to save money on a few items to ensure you get everything you want. I wanted to share some of my tips on keeping your wedding budget down while still having a beautifully designed day.

The most important thing to do when you have a modest budget is to focus on one thing and keep the rest simple. Discuss with your fiancé(e) the most important part of your wedding and splurge on that item.

For example, if the ceremony is the most important part, put all your floral budget towards the ceremony decor, and use candles and greenery for the reception table decor. If dinner is an essential part of your day, direct your budget towards the catering/food!

Keeping that most important piece in mind as you plan will help you determine where you can cut costs and what you need to spend more on. 

1. Listen To Your Wedding Planner’s Advice

No matter your budget, you need a wedding planner. Even if you have a smaller budget, a planner will make sure you stay on budget and help you find ways to cut costs. There are so many elements that make up a wedding day! My team and I work hard not just to plan your day, but to execute it flawlessly on the day of. The most important thing is that you enjoy the day – and that it is stress-free!

2. Choose Your Reception Venue Wisely

Your wedding reception venue will dictate many of your final design decisions. If the venue is beautiful already, it will require less decor. Many venues by the lakes will have breathtaking views and need minimal decor and flowers. If possible, choose a venue that has nice chairs because this will keep your budget down as you won’t have to rent any. Renting chairs, additional tables, and other furniture can get quite expensive. So if you pick a venue that has the furniture you like, you can save money on rentals!

If you are considering a hotel for your wedding, make sure to read my blog post, What To Consider Before Choosing a Hotel For Your Wedding Reception!

Wedding budget tips for your Switzerland wedding

3. Have One Wow Statement Piece

One mistake I see many couples make is to minimize all of the details. However, I recommend not trying to have a little bit of everything but a wow statement piece (and keep the rest minimal!) For example, just having a few flowers will make the space look incomplete. Instead, get lots of candles and stick with just greenery to save money. This will give the space decor without looking like you forgot pieces. 

4. Lighting Is Everything

One of the most important elements of a wedding reception is the atmosphere! Candles and good lighting can take a minimally decorated space and turn it into an incredibly intimate and cozy affair. 

5. Choose Your Ceremony Venue Wisely

If you choose a church, make sure it has a beautiful altar that won’t need flowers. If the ceremony is outdoors, find a space with a gorgeous view or even a large tree. These can make great focal points and require minimal decor. 

10 Ways To Keep Your Wedding Budget Down
From Ruffled.com

6. Pick Long Tables

One cost-saving design idea is to have long, rectangular tables instead of circular ones. This style requires fewer candles and flowers and can even have long runners as an accent. You can do a silk or gauze runner over a wooden table and only need a small centerpiece or simple greenery to tie it all together. 

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7. Serve Sparkly Wine or Prosecco Instead of Champagne

Toasts are often part of wedding receptions, but champagne can be expensive! Instead, serve sparkly wine or Prosecco to save on toasts. Guests won’t mind at all!

Wedding budget tips for your Switzerland wedding

8. Send An E-invitation

One cost-saving tip is to minimize your paper goods. Save The Dates and Invitations can be quite expensive, especially if made by a stationery artist. Instead, send e-invitations! This is not only cost-saving but environmentally friendly since there is no waste.  

9. Re-use Flowers

Flowers are an essential part of wedding decor but are also an expensive item. That is why I suggest re-using pieces throughout the day! You can have any flowers used at the ceremony be moved to the reception space. If you do a large flower arch, we can have it placed at the head table or behind the cake table so that they are used again.

If you have a bridal party, opt for floral crown or floral element for their hairstyle instead of bouquet to enjoy them all night long!

10. Have a DJ

Instead of having a live band, consider hiring a DJ. They are much less expensive since they are just one person and not a large team. They are often 1/3 the price!

Switzerland Wedding Planner

As you start to plan your wedding here in Switzerland, reach out to us! Hiring an experienced wedding planning team will be one of the first vendors you book and one you be so thankful for! A wedding planner will not just help you design the day but make sure the budget is looked after. We will also be there on the day of, making it run seamlessly and ensuring the two of you stay stress-free!