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As a wedding planner and designer, I often get asked questions about budgets for weddings here in Switzerland. Our average couple has around 100 guests and spends around CHF 100’000. However, this can vary greatly! Some couples elope and spend considerably less, while others plan extravagant wedding weekends. So today, I wanted to share some insight into what makes up an average budget for a luxury wedding in Switzerland.

A General Pricing Guide for a Luxury Wedding

First, before we go over the details, please note that this is just a guide for inspiration. It is impossible to give a precise price without knowing your vision for your wedding day. The example we are sharing today is for a wedding with a ceremony in a church, with a cocktail hour, dinner, and dancing in a venue. It is for 100 guests and doesn’t include security or additional setup.

No matter your budget, we can work within it to create a beautiful day! Some of our clients want to spend more on food and wine, while others want to keep the dinner simple and add in lots of flowers.

The Cost Of a Luxury Wedding in Switzerland

The Venue

One of the biggest expenses will be your venue. Some venues will be all-inclusive and include food, beverage, and rentals in their costs. Others may require you to hire caterers and rentals. Another thing to consider is if you will need a tent. If you pick an outdoor space that requires tenting, you will need to rent the space a few days before and after the wedding. And some venues may also include a cloakroom, bathroom cleaning, greeting guests, and calling cabs at the end of the night.

For 100 Guests: A reception venue that does not include catering, the cost will range from CHF 3’000 to CHF 20’000. If you choose an all-inclusive venue, this can range from CHF 40’000 to CHF 80’000.

Are you looking to find the perfect hotel for your wedding reception? Read my guide on how to choose the right hotel for your wedding reception here!

Food, Beverage, and Dessert

Another large piece of the budget is the food. From the cocktail hour to dinner, to the bar package, this can add up quickly. Your food and beverage packages will include the set up of the kitchen, all waitstaff, alcohol, and soft drink costs, as well as what wine is selected. Your wedding cake can also be simple, or it can be extravagant with sugar flowers, hand-piped details, and fresh flowers.

For 100 Guests: This can average from CHF 35’000 to CHF 50’000.

Hand written invitations by Weddings By Loukia Luxury wedding day details

Additional Rentals

If you decide to bring in additional rentals, furniture, and tableware, that will be an additional fee. The eerie will depend on the type of furniture and how many pieces. If you are renting tableware, additional courses will also increase the price. The sample budget does not include any additional rentals in the diagram above. However, they can range from CHF 5’000 to above CHF 20’000.

Floral Design

Floral design can be more expensive depending on the type of flowers you want if they are in season and how many bouquets and centerpieces you need. If you select out-of-season flowers and have 20 tables to decorate, the cost will be much higher. 

For 100 Guests, with 12 Tables and a ceremony in church: The average Floral budget is CHF 7’500 but can go up to CHF 20’000 and above.

Caroline Castigliano wedding gown The Cost Of a Luxury Wedding in Switzerland The Cost Of a Luxury Wedding in Switzerland

Photographer and Videographer

Photography and videography will be one of the most important vendors you book! They are there all day to capture every little detail and create memories you can cherish. Their cost varies greatly depending on the number of hours you need and their experience.

For Example: A photographer and videographer will cost around CHF 13’000 (if you decide to have a photographer only, you can cut this price in half), but if you want an award-winning photographer who has been in Vogue, they will start around CHF 20’000.

Live Music

You can have live music for both the ceremony and reception! Most couples select an organ or string quartet for their ceremony, which starts at CHF 650 for the organ and will go up to CHF 3’000 for string quartet. A live band for the reception can add a lot of fun to the evening but does start around CHF 6’500 and ca go up to CHF 30’000, depending on the number of musicians and the chosen band.

The Cost Of a Luxury Wedding in Switzerland Luxury wedding at Four Seasons Geneva Luxury wedding at Four Seasons Geneva

Hair and Makeup

No matter which artist you select, whether it is one here in Geneva or one of our many vendors from Paris we bring in, you will want to do a hair and makeup trial. This way, you can finalize your wedding day look! This averages around CHF 1’000 for just the bride.

Save The Date And Paper Products

This is another place where you can either save or go luxury! You can keep your invitations simple with just a single envelope, or you can upgrade to gold foil or letterpress. You can also add wax seals, custom illustrations, and handwritten calligraphy.

Luxury wedding at Four Seasons Geneva Luxury wedding planning and design by Weddings by Loukia The Cost Of a Luxury Wedding in Switzerland The Cost Of a Luxury Wedding in Switzerland

Wedding Planning, Design and Setup

One of the most important vendors you will need to hire is the wedding planner and designer! Not only can we help design the perfect day and help you find the best rentals, flowers, and decor, but we can do the setup and tear down! The last thing you want is for you, or your family, to be the ones to set everything up. And you certainly don’t want to stay there all night cleaning up! We can bet here to make sure everything is set up, planned, and finished at the endow the night. And remember that, this wedding is about the two of you. It really is possible to have a beautiful elopement or wedding on whatever budget you have!

Luxury Wedding Planner in Switzerland

As you see, a wedding cost can vary greatly! Whether you want an elopement without the decor or an extravagant wedding weekend at a Chateau, we can work with you to plan the perfect event. We work with all of our clients to discuss their priorities and focus their budgets on the most important things. Reach out today, and let’s start planning!

The Cost Of a Luxury Wedding in Switzerland The Cost Of a Luxury Wedding in Switzerland Luxury wedding at Four Seasons Geneva


Invitations + Day-Of Coordination: Weddings By Loukia

Photography: Celine Chan

Venue: Four Seasons Geneva

Floral Design: Rose Jasmin

Hair + Makeup: You Are Beautiful

Calligraphy: Edwige Radomski

Chairs: URP Events

Wedding Dress: Caroline Castigliano

Bridal shoes: Jimmy Choo

Engagement Ring and Wedding Bands: Cartier

Live Band: Be Live Orchestra