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Adrien contacted us several months before a two-week trip to Europe with his girlfriend. He wanted to propose while they were abroad and asked us to help plan it! Since their birthdays are only one day apart and would take place during the trip, the decision to propose precisely at midnight at the Hotel des Trois Couronnes was intentional. We loved the thought and care he put into making this an unforgettable moment for the two of them—and of course, she said YES!

Proposal in the Spa Garden at the Hotel des Trois Couronnes

Adrien came to us with so many great ideas that narrowing down a venue took several months! In the end, our experience planning events in Switzerland helped him to find the perfect one.

The Hotel des Trois Couronnes is one of our favorite venues set on the Swiss Riviera in the charming town of Vevey. They were kind enough to grant us access to their spa garden for this exciting event! We arrived a few hours early and set up the decor to create a stunning, romantic atmosphere. With palm trees and plenty of green space, it was the perfect spot to transform into the proposal of our dreams.

With over 100 candles, we created a pathway for Adrien’s girlfriend to walk down. It was the perfect way to illuminate the garden at midnight and create a romantic feel! Then, at the end of the pathway, a heart made of 300 rose petals and a neon sign asking, “Will you marry me?” awaited her. It was quite the theatrical setup!

The couple also enjoyed a mini black forest cake—her favorite flavor and the perfect way to celebrate their milestone.

Marriage proposal in the spa garden at the Hotel des Trois Couronnes

How To Plan a Romantic Proposal

Planning your proposal can be overwhelming, which is why I suggest hiring a planner! We can help you pick the perfect location, book any vendors needed (like a photographer!), and ensure that the surprise goes perfectly. I wanted to share a few more tips on planning a perfect proposal to get you inspired!

First, think about the type of proposal that your partner will love. For some, that is a grand event, surrounded by dozens of family and friends. For others, it might be an intimate moment, just between the two of you, like what Adrien planned.

Second, pick the perfect spot. If it is a sentimental one, like a family home, make sure to get the family on board so that they can be there to surprise them. Even if you decide on doing a proposal at home, you can still add some decor to make it special.

Third, plan some kind of celebration for after. It doesn’t have to be a huge party, even just their favorite cake, as Adrien did, which adds a touch of celebration. 

And of course, make sure to hire a photographer! Even just having someone there with their iPhone to get a few images will let you document this amazing occasion and always remember it.

"Will you marry me?" neon sign for a marriage proposal

Are you planning on pulling out all the stops to propose to your partner?  We would love to hear about it and help you plan this momentous occasion! Fill out an inquiry form today.


Planning: Events by Loukia

Venue: Hotel des Trois Couronnes

Photography: Aigal

Cake: Puawai