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Here in Switzerland, the Alps attract outdoor adventurers from all over the world. But it isn’t just a top skiing destination. Engaged couples also flock here for the mountain wedding of their dreams! 

From the breath-taking scenery to the year-round appeal of the alpine landscape, there are so many reasons to have a mountain wedding in Switzerland. If you and your partner are considering this destination, keep reading to learn why you should plan your wedding here! Plus, we’re sharing three of our favourite mountain wedding venues that would provide the perfect setting for your special day.

Couple posing in the snow at their wedding in Switzerland

5 Reasons to Plan a Mountain Wedding in Switzerland

Breath-taking Scenery

Imagine exchanging vows against a backdrop of snow-capped peaks and crystal-clear lakes surrounded by lush green forests.  Switzerland’s mountainous landscape offers a breath-taking backdrop for your wedding day! From the panoramic views to the tranquil beauty of nature, the scenery becomes an integral part of your love story. Throughout the area, there are a variety of mountain resorts to choose from, allowing you to find the best spot for stunning pictures.

Romantic Ambiance

In Switzerland’s mountain resorts, you’re not just choosing a location but an experience.  The serene setting of the mountains lends a romantic ambiance to your wedding, making it a dreamlike experience for you and your guests. It is also an incredible place to Honeymoon!

Versatile Venues

Swiss mountain resorts offer a variety of venues, from cosy chalets to elegant lodges. For couples desiring an intimate celebration or those envisioning a grand affair, there’s a perfect setting waiting to be personalised according to your preferences. Picture cosy fireplaces, elegant terraces, and panoramic windows framing the majestic landscape.

Year-Round Appeal

Are you picturing a winter wonderland wedding surrounded by snow-covered peaks? Or a midsummer celebration in the blooming alpine meadows? No matter your preference, Swiss mountain resorts provide a magical backdrop for weddings throughout the year.

The Alps peak seasons are December and August, so keep that in mind as you plan your wedding. While the winter will provide snow-capped mountains, you will also want to consider travel times for guests in case of inclement weather. Resorts will also be more expensive around the Holidays, which can increase the cost of your wedding weekend.

The spring is a popular wedding season as well, since the mild temperatures make it comfortable for outdoor ceremonies and activities, striking a balance between the popularity of winter and the onset of spring.

And don’t forget the fall! The transformation into golden-hued fall is always stunning and often a less busy season for tourists, giving you some more availability.

Outdoor Adventures

Your guests can enjoy many outdoor activities, from skiing and snowboarding to hiking or a scenic gondola ride. Couples can organise nature walks, picnics, or even sunrise or sunset yoga sessions for an intimate, nature-immersed experience. Another option is to include wine tasting at nearby vineyards to showcase local produce and flavours. These outdoor elements add an extra layer of excitement to your wedding celebration!

Top Switzerland Mountain Wedding Venues

Eringer Hotel, 4 Vallées

Why you should plan a mountain wedding in Switzerland

This hotel in the heart of the 4 Vallées region is the perfect place to tie the knot. It’s less than 20 minutes from Sion, with panoramic views of the Val d’Hérens and the Rhône Valley.

The Eringer’s mission is to embrace its natural surroundings and offer guests an authentic experience filled with history and folklore. They also prioritise sustainability!

Reasons we love the Eringer:

  • Their focus on sustainability
  • Perfect for anyone who loves to ski (you can ski in and out of the resort!)
  • Fully private weddings
  • Brand-new hotel
  • Thermal bath on-site
  • Large terrasse, perfect for ceremonies and cocktail hours 
  • Easily accessible by car
  • Authentic chalet vibe for a mountain party with a modern twist
  • Delicious food

Hôtel Le Grand Bellevue, Gstaad

Hôtel Le Grand Bellevue - Gstaad, Switzerland wedding venue

This hotel in Gstaad lives up to its name! The cosy chalet-style suites with rustic wooden beams and floor-to-ceiling windows showcasing sweeping alpine views are the stuff of mountain wedding dreams.

Reasons we love the Grand Bellevue:

  • Family-owned hotel
  • Great interior design with lots of character
  • Fully private weddings
  • Night club for after-parties
  • Perfect for a Hollywood-inspired wedding 
  • Enjoyable for non-skiers
  • Easily accessible by car
  • World-class chef

CERVO, Zermatt

Mountain wedding venues in Switzerland

The CERVO is a world-class resort for getaways and events of all kinds. Nestled in the dreamy destination of Zermatt, it brings a globally minded, cosmopolitan feel to your celebration while prioritising sustainability.

Reasons we love the CERVO:

  • Located in the iconic mountain town of Zermatt
  • Focused on sustainability
  • Fully private weddings
  • On-site spa
  • Large terrasse, perfect for ceremonies and cocktail hours
  • Car-free resort

Any of these venues would provide an unforgettable experience for you and your guests! From the glamorous vibe of the Grand Bellevue to the cosy chalet feel of the Eringer, there’s something for every wedding style. We would love to connect with you if you’re ready to start planning your mountain wedding in Switzerland! Submit an inquiry today, and we’ll schedule your complimentary discovery call!


Eringer Hotel

Hôtel Le Grand Bellevue Gstaad

Cervo Zermatt