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Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. It’s a day to celebrate your love and commitment to your partner in the presence of family and friends. Accordingly, your design choices should reflect the momentousness of the occasion! As a wedding planner, I help couples plan memorable wedding days that reflect their unique taste and exude sophistication, from the ceremony to the reception. With my five tips, you can elevate your wedding design to make the day feel even more special.

How to Elevate Your Wedding Day

Use Fabric Tablecloths and Napkins

Details are everything when designing a wedding reception. For example, fabric tablecloths that touch the floor exude a much more elegant vibe than plastic tablecloths or fabric that is too short. Similarly, fabric napkins add a touch of luxury and class, while paper napkins tend to look cheap. Set aside a portion of your budget to source high-quality linens in a color that complements your wedding palette—I promise it will transform the completed design!

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Rent Elegant Chairs

The chairs provided by your venue may not match your wedding theme or may detract from the elegant look and feel you’re trying to achieve. If that is the case, consider renting chairs. Whether your wedding has a bohemian, modern, or classic theme, most rental companies have options for everyone. Ultimately, this investment will elevate your wedding by giving your reception a more cohesive, polished look.

Focus on One Floral Item

Flowers are indispensable to any wedding design but can get expensive fast! Focus on one wow-worthy floral item if your budget is limited. It could be a stunning archway for your ceremony or a gorgeous bridal bouquet. Then, keep the rest of the floral decor simple.

Pro Tip: If you decide to invest in your ceremony florals, you can always repurpose them in your reception space to enjoy all night!

How to elevate your wedding day

Light the Space with Glass Tea Lights

Candles create a warm, romantic ambiance at any event. I recommend using glass tea lights to light your reception space with a soft glow that feels luxurious and intimate. Transparent glass works best since it allows the candlelight to shine through.

Decorate with Name Cards and Greenery

Thoughtful stationery details, like these name cards attached to pieces of greenery, are the perfect finishing touch to an elegant wedding reception. Keep the design minimal for a clean and sophisticated look.

Events by Loukia - Switzerland Wedding and Event Planner

You can elevate your wedding day easily with just a few aesthetic tweaks! From florals to furniture, aiming for a cohesive, elegant design will ensure your celebration looks and feels as significant as it is. If you’re short on time or struggling to figure out what wedding style speaks to you, our team would love to help you with this! Simply tell us your vision for the day, and we’ll make it happen.



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