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If giving your wedding guests an outstanding, personalized experience is your top priority, you’ll need to know more than just their mailing addresses. As a wedding planner, I know a few additional pieces of information are critical to making your big day successful. When your guests accept or decline their invitations, that is the perfect time to request those details! Read on for the four RSVP questions you should ask to guarantee a headache-free, fun-filled weekend for your VIPs.

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RSVP Questions to Ask

If Necessary, How Can We Contact You?

First, request each guest’s primary phone number and email address. Access to this information will ensure that, if necessary, you can easily communicate with them throughout the planning process. There is no way to know if the communication of any last-minute changes or updates will be needed until the big day has arrived—especially with an ongoing pandemic. Save yourself the potential for a massive headache early on by ensuring you have everyone’s contact information!

If You Are Bringing a Plus-One, What is Their Name?

Make an effort to know the names of your guests’ dates. You may not have met them before, but they are going out of their way to attend your celebration. Intentionally include their names on details such as escort cards, favors, and thank-you notes. Doing this will make every aspect of their experience more personalized and gratifying!

RSVP questions to ask your wedding guests

If You Will Travel From Out of Town, Where Will You Stay, and When Can We Expect You?

These days, guests travel farther to attend their loved ones’ weddings than ever. Accordingly, couples want to find ways to enhance the guest experience, like hosting a welcome party or morning-after brunch and handing out goodie bags. Familiarizing yourself with your guests’ lodging and travel plans is critical to making them feel welcomed and appreciated. After all, you can’t deliver goodie bags of local treats without knowing where everyone is staying!

This information is also critical if your guests require transportation from their lodging to the wedding venue. So, you’ll need it relatively early in the wedding-planning process as you budget for and arrange transportation services.

Do You Have Any Dietary Restrictions and/or Food Allergies?

Your caterer will require this information, and you’ll need it too if you want to plan a menu that ensures all your guests are comfortable and well-fed at your wedding. Whether one of your guests is vegan, gluten-free, or allergic to tree nuts, you’ll want to be aware of any restrictions or allergies so that there’s something for everyone to eat that’s delicious and safely prepared.

How to Gather Info

We recommend using your wedding website to gather answers to these RSVP questions. The site will collect and store the information and present it to you in an organized way—so much easier than wrangling dozens of cards that could easily get misplaced in the mail or your home, especially if you’re inviting more than 100 guests. Don’t be afraid to request the information you need for a successful wedding day!

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